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We hope your visit to our website is a profitable experience.

Our goal is to educate and enrich the lay investor about Options Trading.

Options Trading is a unique and easy way of profiting from the Indian Stock Markets. This has not been exploited by the small investor. We hope to fill this gap.

Our suggested strategies and trades keep in check the risks associated with options trading. While at the same time being rewarding in terms of capital employed. If you feel the need to profit from any market conditions, optionwala.com is the ideal place for you.

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Our Unique Features that make us the best option trading advisory:
  •  High Accuracy. Over 85% Success Ratio 
  • You can start trading with as little as Rs. 100,000 
  • High Returns on Investment. 
  • No personal Involvement required. Just need to execute the trade with your broker. 
  • Hassle Free Extra Income. 
  • Clear Entry / Exit SMS being Provided 
  • All follow-up SMS provided for Stoploss, Target, Exit 
  • All SMS provided with full clarity (eg: Buy Nifty 4600 Call @ 150-155 ) 
  • No delay in SMS. 
  • No jobbing (frequent) kind of trading. All Positional Trades 
  • Recommendation provided by Professionals having over 20 Year of Experience in Indian Stock Market. 
  • No Need to track the markets and analyze them 
  • No articles to read. 
  • No charts to analyze. 
  • No news to watch. 
  • Complete Online Support during and after Market hours 
  • Great Past Records 
Your membership for the optionwala options trading newsletter will entitle you to time tested options strategies. Including but not limited to:
  • Vertical Credit Spread: Where you profit from a stock staying above or below a specific price level,and also enjoy the benefits of the time decay of option premiums.
  • Butterfly: A limited risk strategy that gives you BIG profits when the stock ends at or near your price on expiry.
  • Iron Condor: Profit from the time decay of options and limit your exposure, with this neutral strategy.
  • Directional Trades: Buying Calls and Puts in fast moving stocks . When the stock moves quickly in the right direction, this high risk / high reward strategy pays off.
  • Straddle / Strangle: Profit from substantial and fast price movements in either direction.


Real Time Monitoring of Trades:

With an optionwala membership you will always know exactly where you stand on every trade through it's completion. We will send you real-time entry and exit alerts via SMS and Instant Messaging Services during market hours.

After market hours we will be prompt to answer any of your questions and clear your doubts.


When we send you a trade recommendation, we do so because a trading opportunity exists that satisfies one or more of the following criteria:
  • Limited risk and minimal impact on your trading capital.
  • Statistical Probability of a profitable trade 
  • A minimum profit potential of 2 to 10 times the money risked.
  • Ability to profit from range-bound market movements


Click Here to Join Our Profit Sharing Plan